Drink Menu


Mai Tai and  Martini at Lighthouse BistroBeverages

Draft beer 5.5
Bottle beer 6
Tropical drinks 12.5
Well Drinks 8.5
Coffee 3.2
Hot Tea 3.2
Iced Tea / Lemonade 3.2
Soda 3.2


Shaken over ice & served straight up. 13.5

Guava Rita: Patron silver, triple sec, fresh Lime juice & guava puree

Killer Kraken: Kracken spiced rum, pineapple juice & Cock & Bull ginger beer.

Llilkoi Lemon:  Absolute citron vodka, fresh lemon & passion fruit puree.

Bistro Cosmo: Titos vodka, Countreu, cranberry juice &  fresh lime juice.

Rye Martini: Rye whiskey, St. Germain, lemon juice and a agave float.

Ginger Russian: Russian Standard vodka, ginger liqueur & fresh lime juice.

The famous Lighthouse Mai TaiBistro Cocktails

Famous Lighthouse Mai Tai: Light Rum, Pineapple Juice, triple Sec, Orange Curacao, Guava Purée & floated with Dark rum. 12.5

Bistro Bandito: Parrot Bay, vodka, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice & a splash of 7up. 12.5

Buorbon & Beer: Woodford Reserve mixed with Cock & Bull ginger beer on the rocks. 12.5

Gin Passion: Hendricks gin, fresh lime, splash of soda & passion fruit puree. 12.5

John Daily: Wheatley vodka, ice tea & lemonade. 12.5

Bluebonic Tonic: Pineapple & orange juice, sparkling wine, peach schnapps, blue curacao. 12.5

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