Lunch Menu

Bistro Starters

Fish Rockets: Wrapped with lumpia & furikake served with a wasabi aioli. 13.9

Wings & Fries: Served with ranch dressing. 11.

Fries: Plain or tossed with garlic. 4.5

Prosciutto & Goat: Prosciutto wrapped  goat cheese with honey & pecans. 12.5

Soup Du Jour: Chefs choice of homemade soup. Market $



Lunch Salads

Caesar: Crispy romaine lettuce tossed in our Caesar dressing. 9.5

Grilled Apple:  Arugula, pecans, goat cheese & BV dressing. 12.5

Fresh Beets: Sliced on Kilauea greens with feta cheese alomonds & a  lilikoi dressing. 12.5





COY+fFM9R7a3BJtHy5ViHw_thumb_1e7eBistro Plates

Crispy Ono Sandwich: Tartar sauce, Kilauea greens, tomato, onion & chips. 17.9

50/50 Burger: Kauai beef, pork, Kilauea greens, tomato, onion & chips. 15.9

Beyond Burger: Vegan patty, tomato, onion, Kauai greens on a bun served with a BV salad. 19.5

Chicken Sandwich: Pesto, feta, Kilauea greens, tomato, onion & chipss. 16.9

BBQ Pork Sandwich: Topper with crispy slaw on a sesame bun & fries. 12.5

Chili Pepper Chicken: Fried boneless thighs with cucumber kimchi, rice & Siriacha soy. 12.9

St. Louis BBQ Ribs: Smothered with Bistro BBQ sauce served with coleslaw & rice. 16.5

Local Rice Bowl: Kalua pork, Asian slaw & rice topped with furikake. 11.5



Kids Menu

(12 & under only)

Garden Salad: With BV dressing. 8.5

Teriyaki Chicken: With rice. 10.5

 # Disclaimer- All efforts are made to not cross contaminate food BE AWARE our kitchen serves gluten enriched & carnivorous foods.

Menu prices displayed on Lighthouse are for reference only and are subject to change. Market price fluctuations are part of living in paradise. So if you are concerned with exact figures please call the Bistro for the most recent price updates. Thanks.